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National Park Obsessed is a travel blog for National Park explorers who want to make the most of their time visiting the National Parks. You’ll find in-depth guides to the United States National Parks, expertly designed itineraries, packing lists, hiking guides, and other helpful articles about National Park travel.

Our goal is to make National Park travel as accessible as possible for everyday people. It doesn’t matter is you have 2 hours to visit a National Park or two months; we are here to assist. 

As the goal is to support our national parks, we donate a portion of all sales to National Park charities.

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer started National Park Obsessed in May 2018 on a road trip to spend the summer in AlaskaShe was planning to stop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and was frustrated by how little information there was on the NPS website. She decided then and there that she wanted to help others make the most of their national park visits.

Jennifer has lived in Tennessee, Florida, Washington, Virginia, Alaska, and Equatorial Guinea (a small country in Western Africa near Nigeria).  She has been visiting the National Parks since childhood and visited her first National Park at six months old.  Her favorite National Parks are Denali, Yellowstone, American Samoa, and Isle Royale

  • Favorite National Park Moment: Seeing Steamboat Geyser erupt in Yellowstone National Park
  • National Park Count: 58/63
  • Unit Count: 278/419

Why National Park Obsessed?

I have been visiting National Parks since I was little. By the time, I was 18 I had been to 6 other National Parks including Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton with my parents.  While I grew up hiking and visiting a few parks I can’t say I was obsessed with the parks or anything. During the summer of my freshman year of college, I took a trip that changed my life. 

Rather then get a boring engineering internship for the summer, I decided instead to work at Mount Rainier National Park for the summer.  The naive 18 year old I was decided I wanted to road trip out there and stop at a few National Parks on the way.  One of those stops was at Yellowstone National Park.

It was just after sunrise by Old Faithful Geyser when I meet a couple whose name I never got but I owe everything to.  This couple had just finished visiting all 58 National Parks (there are now 63 national parks). I had never realized there were so many national parks.  I wanted to see them all and nineteen year old me set a time limit.  I wanted to see all of them before I turned 30.  I don’t think I actually thought I would finish the goal, but every chance I got, I was checking out a new national park. 

Next thing I knew, I was 27 and planning to visit the National Park of American Samoa.  It hit me that I could do this.  I am now at 58 national parks and would have finish by my 30th birthday in October 2020, but COVID and life happens. 

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