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National Parks of American Samoa

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American Samoa is one of the five permanently inhabited US Territories. The territory is made up of five main islands and two coral atolls and is located about half-way between Hawaii and New Zealand. American Samoa is part of the National Park Service’s Pacific-West Region. There is currently one National Park Service Site in American Samoa.

Official National Parks of American Samoa

  • National Park of American Samoa

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Map of National Parks in American Samoa

American Samoa Placeholder
American Samoa

American Samoa National Parks

American Samoa is part of the West Coast Region.

National Park of American Samoa

The National Park of American Samoa is the more unique national park service units. This remote national park is made up of three units located on the islands of Ta’u, Tutuila, and Ofu. It is the only US National Park that is south of the equator. This tropical national park protects 13,500 acres of land and coral reefs. The park is designed to protect these unique ecosystemsm fruit bats, and the Samoan culture. The

Visitors to American Samoa will find a national park unlike any other and face some unique challenges. American Samoa can only be reached by flights from the island nation of Samoa or via twice weekly flights from Hawaii. These flights land on the island of Tutuila which is home to the capitol city of Pago Pago. The Ofu unit can be reached via inter-island flights and Ta’u is only reached by boat charter. There are hotels on the islands but tourism is not a huge industry on the islands.

The two main activities on the islands are hiking and snorkeling. The National Park Service maintains trails both inside the park and outside the park. Most of the snorkeling requires hiking out to the beaches. Please respect the locals and ask permission before swimming and snorkeling near the villages.

The National Park of American Samoa was created on October 31, 1988. While the 13,500 acres are protected as part of the national park, the land is not owned by the National Park Service. Following the Samoan traditional communal land system, the National Park Service has a 50 year lease for the national park.

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