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I love this group, there is always so much great advice on where to visit and when, additionally extra info on things to not miss or not waste your time on !! So much helpful info Thank you !!
Sue Scott
NPTP Members since 2022

What is a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups are an online space within Facebook where people can come together digitally. These groups allow like-minded people to connect with each other. Group members can share information and discuss a range of topics. 

Anyone with a Facebook profile is eligible to request membership. Once accepted into our group, members can ask questions and share advice, reviews, and photos.

Our Facebook group has people at all stages of planning National Park trips, from just getting started to having completed all 63 National Parks and discovering more things to do on their next visit. 

We have a diverse group of members who are always willing to share their opinions and information.

Is Information Shared Within these Groups Secure?

Yes, information is secure and private.

Our Facebook group is set to ‘private’ to ensure our members feel comfortable posting. Only group members within the group can see content posted. 

We have post approval on to prevent spam and keep a careful eye on the group to allow for friendly and supportive conversation.

Is There a Cost to Members to Join these Groups?

No, there is no charge to join our group. It will always be free to join.

What is a Facebook Page? How Does it Differ to a Group?

A Facebook page is controlled by an individual or business and is used to share content of their choosing.

A Facebook group is a community of people, many of whom contribute

How is the NPO Website Used Together with our Facebook Group?

We frequently have members looking for tips and travel recommendations in the National Parks.

When we see a match between a request for information on the NPO website, we share the relevant information. We will share your listing and discount any time it is relevant to and appropriate. 

As our partner program develops, we expect that members will start sharing their experiences with our partners through photos and reviews. 

These groups are an incredible way to create a real buzz around exciting activities, resulting in ongoing bookings and discussion.

It [NPTP Facebook Group] definitely helped me plan out our road trip through Texas better! There were things that I didn’t know and I’m not sure it could be researched online that locals were able to help us with
Rachel Grindstaff
NPTP Members since 2024

Facebook Group Statistics and Members

As of June 15, 2024:
National Park Trip Planning Advice and Help by National Park Obsessed Facebook Group Demographics.


If you feel you’d be a good fit for NPTP Partnership Program, please click the button below to schedule a chat about the program.

Please note that we are only looking for business operating in or near the National Parks / Park Units or along popular National Park road trip routes. Or gear or product companies that appeal to outdoor or National Park enthusiasts. 


On this site, we promote travel to the United States and beyond that are the traditional lands of  Indigenous and First Nations peoples.

With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation and respect to these lands’ past and present people.

To learn more about the people who call these lands home, I invite you to explore Native Land.


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