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The best National Park advice you will find! A wonderful community of people that love the National Parks and are excited to share experiences with each other. I have joined and left many "travel advice" groups and this is the one that has always provided what I'm looking for.
Jenna White
NPTP Members since 2020

We love helping our members and readers explore the National Parks and surrounding areas. This is why we created the National Park Obsessed (NPO) /National Park Travel Planning (NPTP) partner program. 

If you have an amazing National Park tour, lodging, or product and would like to be placed in front of engaged readers and members, many of whom are ready to purchase, I’d love to talk to you.

In exchange for targeted, personalized promotion, we ask that you offer a discount and commission to support the NPO and NPTP communities.

We consider it a win-win for everyone involved!

If you are a vacation rental owner (Airbnb/VRBO/ect) looking to promote your listing in the NPTP Facebook group, please click here

Group of kayakers navigating the clear waters off the rocky shore of Channel Islands National Park, California, exploring secluded coves and rugged coastline.
Sea Kayking in Channel Islands National Park

Why Would I Want to Offer a Promo Code to NPO/NPTP Members?

You get the promo code brownie points

To be featured, we ask for a promo code to pass on to our members/readers. We let our community know that this discount has been passed on from you.

We actively promote your products based on member requests.

We have post-approval turned on in our Facebook group. This allows us to monitor member requests for information and respond accordingly. Jennifer is often the first or second person to respond to questions.  

For example, should someone ask for Death Valley vacation rentals, we can jump right in with recommendations. Allowing us to connect NPTP partners with members seeking information.

Screenshot from the NPTP Facebook group
A screenshot from a post in our Facebook group

We get Paid when We convert

If we don’t convert bookings, you won’t be charged a cent.  So, best case, you’ll receive lots of awesome bookings, and in the worst case, you’ll get free/low-cost brand recognition amongst our community at no charge.

We prefer to test all products, experiences, and lodging before recommending them to our group. So at the start of the partnership, we may request a product sample or an in-trade experience. 

This group has really helped me plan multiple vacations! With the help of this group I have seen the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Death Valley and will soon see Glacier National Park. There’s so many amazing recommendations from hikes, food, lodging and the necessary permits needed for each location. It’s nice to just search a park and find hundreds of posts most likely answering your question better than google ever could
Kelly Ann
NPTP Members since 2024

We charge a reasonable commission on confirmed bookings.

We only charge commission on completed bookings (based on the gross rate).

If we do not convert bookings for you, you will not be charged – it’s as simple as that.

In the meantime, you’ll benefit from amazing brand recognition within our group and on our website.

We work with your existing booking system.

If you already have an affiliate program, we are happy to work within your existing affiliate program.  

If you do not have an established affiliate program, let us know, and we will help you set one up within you existing booking/sales system. 

You get paid upfront and capture leads directly

We send customers to you so you are collecting the payment information and interacting with the customer directly. Unlike those big booking platforms, we don’t collect payment from customers – you do.

When you work with us, you won’t need to wait 90 days to get payment. Instead, you’ll be paid upfront, like you would for any direct booking.

We invoice once a month for any commission payable. 

Floatplane docked on a serene Alaskan lake with reflections of surrounding forest and mountains under an overcast sky.
A floatplane tour in Alaska

We can create copy on your behalf or work with your marketing team

Jennifer is on hand ready to create engaging copy on your behalf, or we are happy to work alongside your marketing team to use content created in-house.

The choice is yours!

Thank you ALL for the amazing advice, tips & help!!! I think with all the experiences that people have had and everything you have all shared I’m going to risk it and leave them on! Also, yes California has 9 national parks, but I’ve already been to Death Valley so it’s just 8 I need to see (whoops, sorry I forgot to mention that!) but I’m seriously so grateful for this community and all your help!
Braselina Constance
NPTP Members since 2022

We we’re an National Park Trip planning ecosystem and will introduce your product to a new audience

We attract people to our content via a range of different means. Content is shared through our newsletters, Facebook group, search engines, word of mouth, accommodation operators, tour guides, and more

A June 2024 survey of the NPTP Facebook Group showed that 

  • 54% of the group are trying to visit all 63 National Parks with:
    • 33% said that they were visiting other NPS and area attractions as they go
    • 3% are actively trying to visit all 428 NPS units.
  • 44% of the group just enjoy each park visit as they go and wait to see how many they will get. 
  • 2% of the group are just here to plan a couple of trips.

The majority of the group is planning to visit all the National Parks. For most people, this quest takes several years and we expect to play an important role in their trip planning along the way. 

We also create a short blog post for you. These are indexed, linked throughout our website, and shared extensively in the group. We’ll also add you to our appropriate categories in the discount hub.

We stay on top of the ever-evolving world of SEO and include you in relevant blog posts. For example, we will include you in our National Park guide for your park.

Once you are in the NPO/NPTP ecosystem, we communicate constantly with our readers and group members via our Facebook group and newsletter, providing continual opportunities to promote your business.


If you feel you’d be a good fit for NPTP Partnership Program, please click the button below to schedule a chat about the program.

Please note that we are only looking for business operating in or near the National Parks / Park Units or along popular National Park road trip routes. Or gear or product companies that appeal to outdoor or National Park enthusiasts. 


On this site, we promote travel to the United States and beyond that are the traditional lands of  Indigenous and First Nations peoples.

With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation and respect to these lands’ past and present people.

To learn more about the people who call these lands home, I invite you to explore Native Land.


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