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Who are we?

National Park Obsessed is developing into the go planning site for visitors to the national park.  The site the brainchild of Jennifer.  Planning a national park has always been a segmented process between different websites and books.  National Park Obsessed takes the first-hand knowledge of Jennifer and Chelsea to create a comprehensive guide to the national parks.

Jennifer readily admits she has an addiction to the United States National Parks.  She has about 3 years of blogging and social media experience under her belt.  Thru her personal blog, Made all the Difference, she has worked with many brands and hotels for social media marketing and blog promotion.

Chelsea is just starting on her national park journey but has already made a dent in visiting many parks.  She is new to blogging but is fact getting up to speed in the world of social media marketing.

Our website and social media are rapidly growing and our audience is highly engaged.

Our Audience:

National Park Obsessed is producing content for the adventure traveler looking to explore the national parks.  Most of our readers are Millennial and Gen X who want to get outdoors and maximize their national park adventure.

Our audience is from the United States (87%) and 83% female.  About 30% is between the ages of 25-34 and 20% is between 34-55.

Website Statistics:

Statistics for February 2019 tracked through Google Analytics.

Contact us for further and more in-depth statistics/screenshots.

  • Monthly Visitors: 5,300 +
  • Monthly Pageviews: 7,100 +
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 73
  • Newsletter Open Rate: 86%
  • Newsletter Click thru Rate: 38%
  • Domain Authority: 17
  • Page Authority: 24

Social Media Statistics:

We have a highly engaged and organic following across a variety of different social media platforms, and an incredibly strong social media presence which continues to grow rapidly. Statistics last updated February 28, 2019.


  • Followers: 4,500 +
  • Avg. Instagram Engagement: 6.85%
  • Avg. Likes per Photo: 300
  • Avg. Comments per Photo: 5.52
  • Avg. View per story: 655
  • #NationalParkObsessed uses: 5,650 +

Averages calculated for the last 20 photos posted in February.


  • Followers: 1,350 +
  • Monthly Impressions: 55,400
  • Engagement Rate: 1.6%


  • Followers: 1,300 +
  • Avg. Daily Impressions: 27,700
  • Avg. Daily Saves: 189
  • Avg Daily Clicks: 168


  • Facebook Fans: 155
  • Avg Facebook Post Reach: 25

What we can offer YOU:

If we are to work together, here are some of the coverage options.

  • Social media coverage including Instagram photos and stories, Facebook (including Facebook live), and Twitter.
  • Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts, complete with Photos.

Partnership Opportunities:

Advertising/Sponsored Posts:

We offer a range of options from sponsored social media promotion, to sponsored posts, and are happy to discuss your needs. We are always open to discussing long term partnerships and Brand Ambassadorships. Rates available upon request.

Press and Social Media Trips: 

We started this blog because we love our national parks, the outdoors and to travel. Depending on the destination/trip value, we are open to both paid and in-kind press trip partnerships that focus on adventure travel, nature, and wildlife.

Product Reviews:

We love to provide reviews of a variety of related products/services on our blog, and are happy to accept sponsored reviews should you have a product you would like featured.


We are happy to promote related products thru contests and giveaways.  We are happy to discuss a campaign to promote your product and give you maximum exposure.

Freelance Content:

Love what we write? Would you like custom content for your website.  We are happy to draw on our wealth of experience to create content to meet your needs.

Previous Partnership:

Gear Reviews

Accommodations Reviews

Disclosure Notice

In accordance with ethical blogging practices and FTC regulations, all reviews/promotion hosted on National Park Obsessed will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation somewhere in the post. We do not guarantee positive coverage.

Upcoming Travel Plans


  • March 2019 – Channel Island National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park
  • June 2019 – Arizona
  • July 2019 – Alaska
  • August 2019 – Alaska and Michigan
  • September 2019 – Montana
  • October 2019 – Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda
  • December 2019 – Antartica

When not traveling, Jennifer is currently calling Tennessee home.


  • Undecided

When not traveling, Chelsea is at home in California.