National Park Travel Consultation

Are you feeling overwhelmed planning your National Park itinerary?

Do you have no idea where to start?

Perhaps there is so much you want to do and you don’t know how to fit it all in, or you’re worried you may miss something you’d love to see.

Or you just want to talk to an expert about your plan. 

Want to bounce ideas and talk to a National Park Travel Expert?

Let me help you plan the trip of a lifetime to America’s best idea!

National Park Travel Consultation

I recently had the pleasure of a one-hour National Park itinerary consultation with Jennifer, and it was nothing short of fantastic. As a first-time visitor to a national park, I was unsure where to begin, but Jennifer’s expertise and enthusiasm made all the difference. She tailored her recommendations to my interests, providing detailed advice on must-see spots and hidden gems alike.
Emily Johnson

Do you just have some questions about your trip to the National Parks, and don’t necessarily need an itinerary designed for you?

With my new travel consultation service, you can pick my brain and ask me anything about your National Park trip!

What You Will Receive

How long should I book for?

Your booking length will depend on a number of factors including:

You might choose to book one appointment initially before going away to do some more research and reflection, and then book a follow-up call.

Alternatively, you might prefer to walk away with a finalised itinerary so you can begin finalising accommodation and transport.

Thanks to Jennifer, I feel well-prepared and confident about my upcoming adventure. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to make the most out of their National Park visit. Her guidance is truly invaluable!
Olivia Martinez

What does it cost:

Private consultations are charged at a rate of $90/hour.

Payment is required in advance of your booking and is charged by credit card.

We are frequently told that our advice saves people time and money.

Our local knowledge ensures that your itinerary is created in the most logical way, avoiding any doubling back. We’re also able to suggest amazing free sightseeing and can direct you to paid activities that offer the best value for your time and money.

Jennifer’s knowledge about the parks is extensive; she answered all my questions with ease and suggested the best times for activities to avoid crowds. The personalized itinerary she built helped me pull my trip together.
Sarah White

What can I ask?

Let's get your consultation booked.

Hi there. . .

My name is Jennifer and I’m an expert at visiting the National Parks. I have done everything from 3 month long road trips to weekend getaways.  Some trips have been planned 8-12 months in advance and others have been planned about a day before leaving.  

I know how complex planning a National Park trip can be and deciding what the best parts of each park to visit can be tough. I have been there and and have picked the best parts of each park for you to visit

I’m going to share with you my insider tips and first-hand knowledge of the national parks and help you make the most of your trip.

Why I should help you plan your trip…


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