Alaska National Park Adventure

with these INCREDIBLY detailed and easy to follow itineraries to Alaska's National Parks

Alaska's Eight National Parks Stand Out.

They are the hardest to get to.  They are the most remote and visiting them will take you from one corner of Alaska to the other.  They are the least visited and some of the largest parks.

By the time you are done, you will have taken at least 11 flights and traveled 2,200 miles.  You will have driven/rode over 1,200 miles.

You will have crossed the Arctic Circle, seen the spectacular scenery of eight different mountain ranges, and seen some of North American’s largest and extraordinary wildlife.

BUT planning this astounding Alaska National Park adventure is a lot of work. 

Visiting these parks requires a lot of moving pieces and the necessary planning information is spread across the interwebs.

You could spend months going in circles trying to figure out how best to visit these EIGHT parks while maximizing your time in the parks.

Months that other people who have a plan are making bookings and hotels, flight operators and excursion providers are filling up.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our Alaska National Park Itineraries are designed to make planning a trip to Alaska’s National Parks’ easy

Does planning an Alaska trip leave you feeling overwhelmed?

This is where National Park Obsessed's Alaska National Park Itinerary come in. We take the guesswork out of Alaska trip planning.


These itineraries has been carefully designed to MAXIMIZE your time in the Alaska National Parks. 


You’ll get to experience the best of each park while having the ability to personalize your trip, based on your preferences and budget.


Includes links and contact information for all transportation, activities, lodging to start booking your trip immediately after purchase

Our Itineraries will help you with:

I Know How To Make Your Trip Phenomenal!

My name is Jennifer and I’m an expert at visiting the National Parks, especially the Alaska National Parks.  

I have visited Alaska multiple times over the years including spending an entire summer.  I have planned multiple trips to each of the parks.  I have driven from Seward to Deadhorse as well driven to Alaska from the Lower 48.  I know Alaska.

I know how complex visiting the Alaska National Park can be and deciding what the best parts of each park to visit can be tough. I have been there and have picked the best parts of each park for you to visit

I’m going to share with you my insider tips and first-hand knowledge of Alaska and her amazing National Parks.  

Does Alaska Planning make you feel like?

Our Alaska Itineraries Are Perfect For You

I downloaded your guide and it was the best $$ I've ever spent. I was going to use a travel agent to plan everything for me but I decided to do it myself, starting with your helpful guide. I deviated from it a few times for what I found we'd like to do better but I have to admit I feel more knowledgeable and "powerful!" having worked through everything without an agent. We are going in 2024 and just want you to know your work has been a tremendous help!!! Thanks!!

Every Alaska Itineraries Includes:

Ready To Make Your Alaska Trip Planning Easy?

Let me be your guide through the Alaskan National Park. Below, you’ll find Alaska National Park Itinerary options for trips ranging from 7 to 21 days. Each itinerary is maximize your time in the featured parks. These itineraries are designed for use between June and early September. Outside of this time frame, you will encounter weather issues and seasonal closures.

Find the perfect Alaska National Park Itinerary

This itinerary is for someone looking to visit all 8 Alaska National Parks in one 21 day trip.  This Alaska National Park Itinerary is designed to give you time in most of the parks to do see the highlights and then time to do a hike or two or a guided activity.  There are also 3 weather days built into the itinerary to allow space for weather cancellations. 

This itinerary has a base cost of of ~$7,200 for one person or $6,700 per person for two or more people NOT including food, lodging, or transportation to Alaska. 

Camping with a few nights in hotels are ~$600.  Budget hotels are ~$2,700 and mid-range hotels are ~$3,400.

70 + Page Itinerary includes visits to:

As a bonus, you’ll get activity guides to Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. This is a $45 value.