Collage of National Parks board games, including Monopoly and Trekking the National Parks, with scenic mountain backdrop.

17 Best National Parks Games for 2024

National Parks are more than just picturesque landscapes and abundant wildlife; they are nature’s playgrounds, offering endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. For those who want to be reminded of their travels, National Parks Games provide a delightful way to connect with the national parks from home.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a family looking for an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors, join us on a journey through some of the best national park games that promise to add an extra layer of fun, discovery, and camaraderie to your park adventures. From wildlife tracking to historical scavenger hunts, these games will turn your national park visit into an unforgettable and educational escapade.

The article is a guide to the best National Park Themed Games:

  • Best National Park Board Games
  • Best National Park Games
  • Best National Park Puzzles
Trekking the Park Game

Best National Park Game

My pick is the Trekking the Park Game. It is fun for both adults and kids alike and was voted most popular by my National Park Obsessed readers.

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Best National Park Board Games

1. Underdog Games Trekking The National Parks

Trekking the National Parks board game with a map, wildlife tokens, and illustrated cards spread around the game box.

Rating: 4.7 of 5 with over 8,800 reviews ⭐ Ages: 10+ ⭐ Players: 2-5 ⭐ Game Duration: 60+ minutes

If you and your friends have an undying love for National Parks, you must get this game to make the best memories. Trekking the National Parks is the best gift for national park enthusiasts. This National Park board game is fun for the whole family.

Trekking was created by a couple who traveled to every single National Park with their son to come up with the best stuff. Throw cards, visit as many parks as possible, and see what you get in the end. This game is fun for those who love to visit National parks or want to learn everything about it. It’s time to visit the best natural places in America with your family.

This is a great game. Full of strategy, a bit of luck, and you can learn about our national parks. First, it’s a wonderfully designed game that involves intense strategy development that must change and adapt to game flow. Second, it’s quick and easy to learn. 

J. Benavides (See more review)

2. Parks Board Game

PARKS board game displayed with vibrant park art cards, resource tokens, and a camera-shaped game piece.

Rating: 4.8 of 5 with over 1,600 reviews ⭐ Ages: 10+ ⭐ Players: 1-5 ⭐ Game Duration: 40-70 minutes

Parks Board Game is a great way to make lasting memories with your family. The theme of this game is hiking and US national parks. Parks was created by award-winners. The game is chocked full of information. It will satisfy your cravings for the National Parks while being fun.

While playing this game, you must visit as many parks as possible, take photos, and score. You must be competitive and monitor the other player’s strategies to win this game. The park board game is not only for enjoyment but also helps enhance information, increase memory power, and speed up your calculations. This game will be a challenge for you every time.

Parks is a fantastic Board Game. Fun to play, easy to learn and fantastic solo or with friends. But the best thing from it is how beautifully made are all the components, the cards are breathtaking with inredible art, and the tokens have great feel to them.

chaodck (See more review)

3. Monopoly National Parks Edition

Monopoly National Parks edition with themed money, property cards featuring national landmarks, and custom tokens.

Rating: 4.8 of 5 with over 1,100 reviews ⭐ Ages: 8+⭐ Players: 2-4 ⭐ Game Duration: 60+ minutes

The Monopoly National Parks Edition lets you build a property empire of National Parks. The game features 22 United States National Park and more than 60 images from the park.

Choose from a hiking boot, camera, canoe, bison, tent, or ranger’s hat, and start building your empire. Roll the dice and start making money. Collect rent when others visit your parts and build hotels as needed.

I love this version of monopoly. I purchased it so my husband and I could play and I have had more fun than I thought I would. Each park card has information about the park on the back of the card so I’m learning something new with each property I acquire. This is probably my favorite version of monopoly

Angela M.(See more review)

4. Scrabble National Parks Edition

National Parks special edition Scrabble game with letter tiles, game board, and box featuring a scenic park landscape.

Ages: 8+ ⭐ Players: 2+4 ⭐ Game Duration: 60+ minutes

How many National Park-related words can you spell? Scrabble: National Park edition is just like the classic game, except you get extra points for National Park words.

Scrabble comes with 100 wooden letter tiles, 26 national park bonus cards, and 4-player guide cards. Also, every purchase includes a donation to the National Park Foundation.

5. National Parks Pursuit

National Park Adventure Game' board with colorful paths, illustrated park locations, and animal figurines

Rating: 4.6 of 5 with over 80 reviews ⭐ Ages: 6+ ⭐ Players: 2 ⭐ Game Duration: 20-50 minutes

In National Parks Pursuit Fun Family Trivia Board Game the 63 US national parks are portrayed in vintage-style art. It’s a fun game for everyone and a great source of information for a whole family about America’s National treasure. There are two ways to play this game, depending on your time.

It’s a great educational game for youngsters and kids who should know about different aspects of America. It has four categories: water, forest, mountain, and desert. The winning team answers 64 questions to collect each piece of the card from categories.

I got this for my boyfriend who loves going to national parks and we play it all the time. There is so much to learn and new information each time

Kaylee (See more review)

6. Camp Board Game

'CAMP' board game set up with cards, pieces shaped like forest animals, and trivia about national parks.

Rating: 4.6 of 5 with over 400 reviews ⭐ Ages: 6+ ⭐ Players: 2-8 ⭐ Game Duration: 20-50 minutes

Camp Board Game is a suitable and highly informational game for children and adults who want to know about the outdoors. If you love to play games with your family while being outdoors, you will love this game. Also, as the game proceeds, each player can read a fun fact that is informational for all.

Camp Board Game has 199 cards with 400 questions and 99 fun facts, 8-game characters, 1 dice, 1 decoder, 1 compass card, and 16 level cards. This game consists of primary-level questions where you have to identify an animal from a picture or something related.

As someone who likes more complex games, this is a bit trivia-ish for my taste but it has truly interesting and fun facts for all ages! Our 4, 11, 13 and 17 year olds all enjoy playing it and I have to admit it’s pretty fun. We do always wind up rolling to wander all over the board and “go exploring” after someone wins but even that’s not bad bc we do a card here and there. It’s surprisingly suited for all ages and skill levels.

Tony S. (See more review)

7. Americanflat National Park Adventure Board Game

Best National Park Games (9)

Rating: 4.6 of 5 with over 200 reviews ⭐ Ages: 7+ ⭐ Players: 2-6 ⭐ Game Duration: 30+ minutes

This is your chance to explore the national park in a new, fun way. Americanflat National Park Adventure Board Game lets you go through 62 parks and get your creativity in action. It’s an educational game for the whole family and will help you learn about interesting facts. The game consists of 62 park passes, 1 dice, and 42 keepers.

It’s time to relive your memories and family time as exciting as possible. This game sounds fun on holidays and when traveling together. Roll dice and travel across the board. It has four categories: aquatic, animal, landmark, and bird. You must collect four cards of the same category or one from each. The players who reach the center of the board first win.

This game is visually stunning. The animal game pieces are gorgeous and realistic. It’s easy to learn but also has the trivia aspect to keep it interesting. It’s so fun to learn about the parks and animals that live near them. (We love going on on road trips and exploring the great outdoors, but in the long winter months it can be a challenge to find ways to keep the adventures going. This game is awesome!!)

Beth (See more review)

Best National Park Games

8. Trekking The National Parks: Trivia

Open box of 'Trekking the National Parks Trivia' with cards, tokens, and board displaying park trivia and images.

Rating: 4.6 of 5 with over 930 reviews ⭐ Ages: 7+ ⭐ Players: 2-6 ⭐ Game Duration: 20+ minutes

Ready to test your knowledge of the National Parks? Trekking The National Parks: Trivia is the game for you. There are 600+ questions that will challenge what you think you know about the National Parks. Take your best guess with these fun and challenging questions. Right or wrong, you will learn something about the parks.

This is a very cool game about the national parks. Such a variety of questions. May be a little difficult for younger kids, but my son is 11 and really likes it. Especially with most of the questions, you have to guess a number. He figured out really quick about the challenge question to get the point that they answer was in the question previously asked. He just had to pay attention. So many interesting facts. We went to several parks this past summer (2020) and it was cool to get question about places we had just recently visited. Very cool game!!

Kelly (See more review)

9. Trivial Pursuit: National Park 100th Anniversary

Trivial Pursuit: National Parks Travel Edition' displayed with trivia cards, a die, and a game piece shaped like a barrel.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 with over 350 reviews ⭐ Ages: XX ⭐ Players: XX ⭐ Game Duration: 60+ minutes

If you are looking for a portable national parks game, then National Park Trivial Pursuit is the game for you. This 600 question car game comes packaged in a nice plastic carrying case so it is easy to carry on the go.

The 100th anniversary edition celebrates the amazing history of the parks. It has different categories: historic sites, wildlife, science and nature, cultural heritage, natural wonders, and battlefields. You must roll the dice and select the class first to answer the question. The player who collects the first six cards is the winner.

LOVE this game, though I will say, it is a tough one for folks who aren’t well versed in the NPS. I work for the NPS, have for over 20 years, and there are many questions I can’t answer. It’s a challenging game, but you’ll learn so much about the National Park Service. It’s a fantastic gift for every and any person who loves the NPS.

C. Miller (See more review)

10. Keymaster Games Parks Playing Cards

Rating: 4.3 of 5 with over 100 reviews ⭐ Ages: 7+ ⭐ Players: 2+⭐ Game Duration: 20+ minutes

Keymaster Games Parks Playing Cards feature 12 full-color illustrations of 12 National Parks. These cards are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company in the USA. These high-quality cards are perfect for playing cards for any card game you’d like, from rummy to go fish.

The gold lettering on the box is smooth and embossed, protruding slightly above the papery texture of the rest of the exterior. The cards are still standard playing cards; however, they feel just a little nicer than your average store-bought set. Last but not least, the artwork is absolutely phenomenal.

Susan (See more review)

11. Parks Memories Coast to Coast A Strategic Matching Game

Cover of 'PARKS Memories' matching game featuring a lighthouse and a sailboat, highlighting coastal scenery.

Rating: 5 of 5 with 3 reviews ⭐ Ages: 6+ ⭐ Players: 2+ ⭐ Game Duration: 20-50 minutes

Parks Memories Coast to Coast A Strategic Matching Game has 44 beautiful tiles, each of which has a different illustration. The game consists of 22 images from US National Parks. You can split this game into 2-3 teams; if you are new to it, it takes a few minutes to learn the rules. Also, it’s similar to classic card games.

It will help you revive the old memories and bring back fun times. It’s a strategic game, and to win, you may have to keep a check on a competitor. You will find the illustrations beautiful and mesmerizing.

12. JENGA National Parks

Rating: 4.7 of 5 with over 200 reviews ⭐ Ages: 6+⭐ Players: 2+ ⭐ Game Duration: 15+ minutes

How high can you get your tower? Will your next move send it crashing down? Jenga is the family friendly game where the goal of the game is to not knock the tower over.

National Park Jenga combines the classic fun of Jenga with National Park facts and trivia. There are 80+ facts on the 54 Jenga blocks.

I love that there are fun facts on BOTH sides of the block. It extends the fun of the game!

Megan (See more review)

13. YAHTZEE National Parks Travel Edition

National Parks 'Yahtzee' game with custom dice featuring park symbols and a score sheet with a nature-themed background.

Rating: 4.6 of 5 with over 600 reviews ⭐ Ages: 8+ ⭐ Players: 2+ ⭐ Game Duration: 30+ minutes

National Parks Travel Edition Yahtzee is another travel friendly national parks game. The entire game fits inside the Yahtzee cup so there are no worries about collecting everything and setting them in a box. The cup keeps everything together in one easy to store package.

The dice feature icons such as deer, binoculars, pine trees, canoe, tent, and hiker. Roll dice, and with every icon, you have a chance to score against a competitor. Proceeds benefit the National Park Foundation.

Fun, alternative look to the original yahtzee game, especially for nature lovers. Great for traveling and small spaces. Would highly recommend.

Tab (See more review)

14. National Parks Get Wild

National Parks 'Get Wild' board game spread out with box, cards, and puzzle pieces showcasing wildlife themes.

Rating: 4.6 of 5 with over 40 reviews ⭐ Ages: 10+ ⭐ Players: 2+ ⭐ Game Duration: 30+ minutes

National Parks Get Wild is fun dice game where the goal is to collect all of your park’s animals before another player. Its a race to return animals to their national park.

This game has one park map center, 6 double-sided player boards, 18 dice, 45 scoring points, 60 animal tokens, and a rules booklet. 

Love the National Parks! It’s fun to play with the kids and find all the parks we’ve visited. Easy enough for my kindergartner to play but fun even for my teenagers. Beautiful game boards and pieces.

Z.D. (See more review)

National Park Puzzles

15. 63 American National Parks: by Kenneth Crane, Vintage Poster

The box of a children's jigsaw puzzle titled "Little Park Ranger National Parks of the U.S.A.", showcasing colorful, cartoon-style illustrations of various American wildlife and landmarks, categorized by regions of the United States.

Rating: 4.4 of 5 with over 80 reviews ⭐ Number of Pieces: 500

Embark on a breathtaking journey across America with the “63 American National Parks Puzzle” featuring artwork by Kenneth Crane. This exquisitely crafted puzzle, featuring all 63 American National Parks, is perfect for nature enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike. Each piece is designed to fit perfectly, providing a satisfying and challenging experience. As you piece together this puzzle, you’ll discover the stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and diverse ecosystems that each park offers. Whether you’re reliving memories of past adventures or dreaming of future travels, this puzzle is a delightful way to explore the natural wonders of the United States from the comfort of your home.

Fun puzzle to put together. All pieces accounted for. Very good fit.

Patricia (See more review)

16. Galison National Parks of America Puzzle

A completed jigsaw puzzle depicting a map of the United States with illustrations of native wildlife and national parks overlaid, each piece representing a different region or park, detailed in a vibrant and educational style.

Rating: 4.6 of 5 with over 140 reviews ⭐ Number of Pieces: 1000

The Galison National Parks of America Puzzle features colorful drawings of North American wildlife as well as marked the locations of all 63 National Parks. This nature puzzle features an illustration by the bestselling artist Anne Bentley. This 1,000 puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy, and the back sides have a white matte finish. The completed national parks puzzle measures 27” x 20” and the box measures 8.25” x 11.25” x 2”

I’ve been on the hunt for a cute National Parks puzzle for quite some time. My husband gifted me this one for the holidays and I absolutely love it. We spent the new years holiday working on it – the quality is excellent, the colors are vibrant, and the finished product is beautiful. Highly recommend this puzzle!

Alyssa (See more review)

17. Little Park Ranger National Parks Map of The U.S.A. Geography Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle featuring illustrations of 63 American National Parks, each puzzle piece showing a different park with a unique design, on a backdrop of neutral tones, assembled to reveal a collective vintage poster aesthetic.

Rating: 4.2 of 5 with 10 reviews ⭐ Number of Pieces: 70

Little Park Ranger National Parks Map of The U.S.A. Geography Puzzle is a kid-friendly puzzle with 18 animal-shaped pieces. Featuring bright and colorful artwork, kids will love learning about the national parks of the United States, such as Yosemite, Great Smokey Mountains, and Big Bend in this double-sided geography puzzle.

There are 70 thick and sturdy pieces, and the finished puzzle measures 23” x 16.5”

The animal shaped pieces get the younger kids engaged and hooked on the whole puzzle. Talking about the different areas of the USA 🇺🇸 and parts of Canada 🇨🇦 is educational.

Galiano Girl (See more review)

Final Thoughts on the Best National Park Games

We hope this article has encouraged you to try some of the beautiful trails this National Park has to offer, so you can experience the mesmerizing scenery for yourself. Which is your favorite hike in Denali National Park? If it isn’t on this list, then leave a comment below to inspire other hikers or join us in talking about all things National Parks in our National Park Trip Planning Community.

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