Is someone in your life a MASSIVE fan of the national parks? Are you looking for an exciting gift for the national park lover in your life? I have collected a list of 29 great national park gift ideas to help you give the excellent selection of potential gifts for your national park lover.

*** If you are a national park fan, be sure to check out this national park gift list and then share it with your family and friends. I’m sure they just need a subtle hit for about what you want for your birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, any time you need a special treat. These are the best National Park gifts.

This National Park Gift Guide was first published on October 31, 2019. It was last updated on June 19, 2020. It was previously updated on April 13, 2020.

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Looking for the perfect gift for the National Park adventurer in your life? Or are Here are 26 phenomenal National Park Gifts. Here are our favorite gifts.

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National Park Gift Ideas

1. America the Beautiful Park Pass

Give the gift of 12 months of adventure with America the Beautiful Annual Pass. The pass gives free entrance to all 115 entrance fee-charging National Park Units as well as over 3,000 other federal lands. The pass is a fantastic way for your national park lover to explore the parks.

The pass covers the owner and three accompanying adults (over the age of 16). Children under 15 are free.

National Park Gifts - National Park Pass

2. National Park Obsessed Apparel

National Park junkies love their t-shirts. They love wearing them both in the parks and out of them. National Park Obsessed offers a range of high quantity National Park T-Shirts that any park fan will love.

If your loved one is has set the goal of visiting all the National Parks, they are sure to love our “I haven’t been to every National Park but it’s on my Bucket List” Shirt

Each shirt purchased includes a donation to the fund much needed national park support projects such as wildlife conservation programs or habitat restoration. Take a look at a few of our shirts below or head over to the shop.

National Parks are on my Bucket List T-Shirts
US National Parks Scratch Your Travels Map
The National Parks are calling and I Must Go Shirt

3. Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box

Cairn Monthly Collection offers a monthly box full of curated hiking gear.  Each Cairn outdoor subscription box has a value up to $50. Boxes usually contain between 3 and 6 items.  Each box is seasonally themes and the focus is on newly launched products. Products range from apparel to food to emergency medical products.

You can purchase a month to month, 6 month, or 12-month plan. These make a great gift for the outdoor lover who has everything.

National Park Calendars

Who doesn’t need a calendar to see when their next three-day weekend is? Or to outline their weekend adventures. National Park Calendars are a great way to celebrate the national parks and provide inspiration for your next national park adventure.

4. National Park Photo Calendar

If you are looking for phenomenal national park photos check out the National Park Foundation Calendar. This calendar is produced by the official charity of America’s National Parks. This calendar features photos from Yellowstone, Badlands, and many more.

National Park Foundation Calendar

5. National Park Graphic Calendar

If graphic art is more your style is more your style, check out this calendar from my personal favorite graphic artist, Studio Inception. Studio Inception’s National Park Calendar features a striking graphic of some of the most iconic sites in the National Parks. You will see art from Joshua Tree, Glacier, and many more.

National Park Gift - Studio Inception National Park Calendar

National Park Checklists

6. The National Parks Scratch Off Travel Print

There is something really fun about scratching off gold foil and revealing an iconic image of a national park you just visited. It is even cooler to watch your print change from gold to color as you mark each national park off your bucket list.

Mappinners National Park Scratch Off Print offers this amazing illustrated posted to help you mark each national park off as you visit. The poster is 16″ x 20″ and has all 61 National Parks on it.

Mappinners Scratch off Map

7. National Parks Register

If you are looking for something a little different to track your National Park journey then check out Wandewide’s National Park Register. Each park has a cute line drawing of an iconic feature of the park.  The map comes with a stamp to mark off which parks you have been to. 

The National Park Register is a unique no mess way to mark off each national park as you visit. This register can come with a frame.  It is 15.5″ by 40″

Wanderwide National Park Map

National Park Wall Maps

8. Relief Maps of the National Parks

Are you in love with a specific national park? Muir Way has released a series of national park maps that combine 1900s USGS Topographic maps with elevation data and hill shading to give them a 3-dimensional look.

The Muir Way Relief Maps are made by taking anywhere from 5 to over 100 USGS maps.  The maps are digitally patched together creating a mosaic of different maps coming together to form one map. 

These maps are available in 3 sizes – 18×24, 24×30, 30×40.  They can come on Fine Art Paper with or without a frame or Canvas Wrap.  They currently offer maps of 34 National Parks including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Muir Way maps are created and printed in San Diego, CA.

These wall national park wall maps will add an interesting dynamic to any room and showcase your favorite park.

Muir Way Relief Map

9. Detailed National Park Wall Map

Are you trying to visit all 419 National Park Units? Would you like to track your travels across the United States? If so the GeoJango National Park Map is perfect for you. It is the MOST detailed National Park map on the market.

The map was created by a professional geographer and included all of the National Park Service Units along with other fascinating destinations. These maps are perfect for putting pins in to track your adventures across the USA.

Read my detailed review of this amazing map.

GeoJango National Park Map
If this National Park Wall Map isn’t your style – check out these other National Park Wall Maps.

National Park Books

10. National Park Passport Book

Just about every national park lover gets into collecting National Park Cancellation Stamps. These free stamps make a great national park souvenir. They have the park name along with the date you visited on.

There are three different passport books available to track your travels.

Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Edition – This is the standard passport book most National Park lovers have. It is a lightweight book with 112 pages to collect stamps. You will need multiple books as you visit all the National Parks.

Passport To Your National Parks® Collector’s Edition – This is a deluxe passport book. It has a dedicated space for more than 400 national park sites. The book has a hardcover and has 192 pages.

Passport To Your National Parks® Explorer Edition – This is the best National Park Passport book. This weatherproof binder is perfect for people who want to keep up with the changes in the national park system and the ability to add pages to their cancellation stamp book.

All net proceeds from the program are donated to support vital educational and interpretive programs at sites managed by the National Park Service.

Passport To Your National Parks

11. National Geographic Complete National Parks of the United States

National Geographic Complete National Parks of the United States is the perfect coffee table book for national park fans. The book covers the majority of the National Parks Services units – Parks, Monuments, Battlefields, Historic Sites, Scenic Trails, Recreation Areas, and Seashores.

The book is full of beautiful full-color photos and detailed historical information about the parks. It provides some practical information on each park to help you start planning.

** The 2nd edition was published in 2016 and has not been updated for the recent National Park Service name changes and unit creation.

12. National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks

National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks is focused on the history of 61 National Parks and showcases world-class photography of each park combined with the incredible knowledge and storytelling of a former National Park Ranger.

The book is full of beautiful full-color photos and with information on the ecosystems, wildlife and culture of the parks.

A brief view of the heart of our national parks:

Posted by Jonathan Waterman on Wednesday, 27 November 2019

National Park Board Games

13. Trekking The National Parks

Trekking the National Parks Game will take you on a journey through the national parks. During this game, you will visit the trek through the parks and collect stones, set-up camp, and try to gain enough points to win.

This game is for 2-5 players and for ages 10 and up.

14. Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game

Ever wanted to pretend you own a National Park? Well with Monoply National Park Edition, you will have your chance to buy and sell some of the NPS’s most famous parks. While building your camping empire. Do you have what it takes to buy win National Park Monopoly?

15. Yahtzee National Park Travel Edition

Yahtzee National Park Travel Edition takes the classic dice game on the road while learning bout the national parks. The game fits within its dice cup and makes for a great evening by the campfire.

16. Trivial Pursuit National Park Travel Edition

How well do you know our national parks? Trivial Pursuit National Park Travel Edition has over 600 questions that will test your knowledge. This game set comes in a handy traveling case making it perfect to take along when camping or exploring the national parks.

17. Jenga National Park Edition

The Jenga National Park Edition is made of 54 hardwood blocks with over 100 educations facts and trivia about the national parks. Learn while trying not to knock over the tower.

National Park Water Bottles

18. Camelback Eddy Water Bottle

Camelback offers there Eddy Water Bottle that features images from Yellowstone National Park. This water bottle is reusable and dishwasher safe and durable. All of Cambelback’s water bottles are BPA-free and BPS-free.

These water bottles fit nicely in backpack pockets and the bite valve keeps the water in until you are ready for a drink.

19. Great Smoky Mountains Hydro Flask

The Great Smoky Mountains Hydro Flask is a national park themed insulated water bottle. These double-walled flasks are designed for both hot and cold liquids. The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice and can keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours.

National Park Keychain

20. US National Park Token Wanderchain

Looking for a way to commemorate your National Park Adventures. The Wander Club National Park Tokens offers engraved tokens with the NPS four-letter designation. You have the option to get the tokens customized with the year of your visit.

The Wander Club National Park tokens are designed to go on a keychain or necklace. Each token is slightly smaller than a penny. The keychain can hold about 45 tokens and the necklace can hold 30 tokens.

Wander Club National Park Tokens are an affordable and customization way to track your journey through the national parks.

For every order placed, The Wander Club will donate a meal to an orphan abroad with the help of our non-profit partner, Rice Bowls.

National Park Wall Art

21. National Park Prints

Map Your Travels National Park Prints are series of 61 prints created by Minnesota artist Julie May. She has created colorful images that capture some of the most famous views in the parks. Her work is amazing and capture the spirit of the National Parks.

Each print is in an 8×10 Frame. These prints can be customized with the year you visited the national park.

22. Studio Inception Prints

Studio Inception offers graphic art posts that highlight the iconic imagery from the national parks. Each print is a work of art and highlights the landscape and wildlife of the parks.

Studio Inception Prints are available for select US and Canadian National Parks.

Reusable Bags

23. National Park Obsessed Tote Bag

Get your National Park Obsessed tote bags! These reusable bags are a great way to eliminate single-use plastic bags, showcase your love the National Parks, and give back to the parks.

Each tote purchased includes a donation to the fund much needed national park support projects such as wildlife conservation programs or habitat restoration. Take a look at a few of our tote’s below or head over to the shop.


24. National Park Stickers

Megss Design offers amazing National Park arrowhead stickers. Each sticker is an artistic representation of an iconic image from a national park. Megss Design National Park Arrowhead stickers are a great addition to any water bottle or computer.

These stickers are available individually or in quantities of 3, 5, 10, or 20. Meg has currently completed stickers for 28 of 61 National Park and is working on the remaining parks. You get to pick which stickers you receive.

National Park Jewelry

25. National Lands Quarter Ring

Midnight Jo makes custom rings out of the 90% silver National Park Quarters. These rings are hand made from the quarter and allow you to celebrate your favorite national park with a unique ring. The ring is available in a range of sizes. The thickness and width of the band depending on the size of the ring.

Please note that Midnight Jo National Park Coin Rings are offered in a very limited number of parks. Each state got to pick 1 park to feature on their quarter. Such as Michigan selected Apostle Islands National Seashore and Utah selected Arches National Park.

26. National Park Coordinate Adventure Necklace

Do you have a favorite overlook or trail in the National Parks? Sincerely Silver Shop offers a custom coordinate necklace to allow you to wear your favorite spot. The Sincerely Silver Shop Coordinate Adventure Necklace comes in sterling silver, gold or rose gold.

A couple of popular national park landmark coordinates:

  • Angel’s Landing – 37 ° 16 ‘ 8 ” N / 112 ° 56 ‘ 49 ” W
  • Cades Cove – 35 ° 36 ‘ 32 ” N / 83 ° 48 ‘ 16 ” W
  • Half Dome – 37 ° 44 ‘ 45 ” N / 119 ° 31 ‘ 59 ” W
  • Old Faithful Geyser – 44 ° 27 ‘ 29 ” N / 110 ° 49 ‘ 41 ” W

*** Double-check these coordinates. If you plan to use them.

27. National Park Outline Necklace

Showcase your favorite National Park with Permanent Baggage’s Heart Pendant Necklace. The pendant consists of a brushed brass heart with a leather covering and a brushed brass charm. The pendant is fully customizable in a range of leather colors and comes standard with a state charm.

Permanent Baggage offers custom made pendants so it is easy to swap the state with the boundaries of the National Parks. Please note there are some limits to this and not all parks are a good option. Parks such as Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountains, Yosemite, and Zion make great choices for these necklaces.


28. National Park Scented Candles

Elsewhere Candled Co offers a range of soy candles in scents are inspired by our national parks. The candles are handmade in Colorado from clean-burning soy candle wax. They offer candles in 13 National Park inspired scents such as Death Valley’s desert ghost flower or Acadia’s sweet bunchberry. Each candle comes in a glass jar with a 40 hour burn time.

5% of Elsewhere Candled Co’s profits are donated to the National Park Foundation.


29. National Park Membership

If you are looking for a national park gift for the hard to shop for national park fan, consider getting them a membership with the National Park Foundation or with their favorite National Park support charity.

The money donated goes to support National Park Projects that protect the national parks along with

Summary: Best National Park Gifts for Park Lovers

There are an amazing range of National Park Gifts on the market. I’m sure that your will find the perfect gift of any National Park Lover. Check out these other guides for other National Park gift ideas.

Pin to Save: 29 Phenomenal National Park Gifts for Park Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the National Park adventurer in your life? Or are Here are 26 phenomenal National Park Gifts. Here are our favorite gifts.

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Jennifer is a long time national park blogger and the founder of National Park Obsessed. She is a dedicated National Park lover who is working on visiting all 62 US National Parks. She has currently been to 53 of the National Parks. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of the Parks with others and helping them learn to love the parks as much as she does.

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