Epic US National Park Wall Maps to help you keep track of your travels

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It doesn’t matter if you have just started your US national park journey or are half-way thru with it, everyone needs a national park map to hang on your wall.  A national park wall map can help you track your progress thru the parks.  Or it can encourage you to plan your next national park adventure.  I have always had a national park map on my wall.  I love getting to check park visits off.  Here are the epic United States national park wall maps from around the web.

The maps come in a range of sizes, colors, and styles.  You can find a national park map to fit any room.  Personally, I like hanging a national park map in my office (National Park Obsessed HQ) and one in my bedroom.  I am in the process of reaching out to each of these map creators to see if they are updating them to include the 61st national park.

National Park Map Prices

$ – Under $20$$ – Under $50
$$$ – Under $100$$$$ – Over $100

US National Park Wall Maps

My Favorite National Park Maps

National Park Map – Black and White Edition – USA Travel Map, Created by a Professional Geographer

Geojango Maps is an incredibly detailed map of the United States National Park system.  It features National Parks, Historical Parks, Historical Sites/Parks, National Monuments, Battlefields, Lakeshores, Preserves, and other fascinating destination spots preserved for our nation. This pushpin map is available in a range of sizes to fit any wall space.

Read my detailed review of this amazing map.

Price Range: $$

US National Parks Checklist Board

This wood checklist board is laser cut and handmade by Jennifer of National Park Obsessed. The National Park Checklist tracker comes with 63 engraved tokens. One for each national park. Each token features the name of the park and the state(s) that the park is located in. You can track your park visits in the order you visit them or alphabetically. Track your progress any way you would like.

Available in Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak.

Price Range: $$

National Park Pushpin Maps

World Vibe Studio Pushpin National Park Map

World Vibe Studio has a wood grain pushpin map with space to pin your own photos.  The matte paper is mounted on foam making it perfect to use pushpins to mark your progress thru the national parks and national monuments.  The map comes in the following sizes: 18″ by 42″ and 22″ by 56″.  The map has all 61 National Parks and a selection of other national park service units. The map can be personalized with your name.

Price Range: $$$$

Wendy Gold Personalized Pushpin USA National Parks Travel Map

Wendy Gold’s offers a framed national park travel map of the 61 US National Parks.  The map is personalized with a national park sign with your name on it.  The maps is mounted to a foam core and comes with 100 pins to mark your progress.  The map comes in the following sizes: 18″ by 24″, 22″ by 28″, and 24″ by 30″ and you can pick your frame color.

Price Range: $$$$

World Viber Studio Pushpin National Park Map

World Vibe Studio has a wood grain pushpin map.  The matte paper is mounted on foam making it perfect to use pushpins to mark your progress thru the national parks.  The map comes in the following sizes: 20″ by 30″, 24″ by 36″, and 30″ by 45″.  The map has all 61 National Parks and a selection of other national park service units. The map can be personalized with your name.

Price Range: $$$

National Park Checklist Maps

Happy Place Art’s National Park Map

Happy Place Art offers a green watercolor national park map.  The map is the best of several worlds.  The map can be customized with your name and provides a national park checklist.   Please confirm with the shop owner that the map has 61 National Parks on it. The listing photos haven’t been updated to include it.

The map can be ordered as a Digitial File, a range of sizes printed on canvas or photo paper or as a pushpin map.

Price Range: $$

AnAdventureAwaits National Parks Map of the United States – Parks Checklist

An Adventure Awaits‘s has a  National Parks Map of the United States Checklist.  The print is offered in various sizes from 11″ by 14″ and 40″ by 60″.  The map is printed on premium quality matte photo paper.  The checklist has all 61 National Parks and the year the park is found.

Price Range: $$

Treehouse Modern’s National Park Checklist Map

Treehouse Modern offers a detailed map featuring North American wildlife, mountain ranges, rivers, and valleys.  The print is offered in 12″ by 18″ or 16″ by 20″ size.  The map is a work of art and more than just a map with a checklist.  The checklist has space to add the year you visited the park.  The map has 61 parks on it.

Price Range: $

Printable Adventure Awaits US National Park Map

Peach on the Table‘s Printable US National Park Map is an instant download for a national park checklist map.  This map features all 61 US national parks along with the state borders, capitals and major cities.  The map can be printed up in the following sizes – 36″ x 24″, 24″ x 18″, 20″ x 16″, A1

Price Range: $

iPrint Art

iPrint Art’s National Park Map is perfect for the junior ranger in your life.  This map is a digital download and the download comes with 3 different sizes 16″ by 20″, 18″ by 24″, and 24″ by 36″.  The map has a whimsical version of the North American wildlife.  The map has the 60 National Parks and a checkbox for the junior rangers to mark off their progress.

Price Range: $

National Park Scratch off  Maps

The National Parks Scratch Off Travel Print by Mappinner

Mappinners‘ National Parks Scratch Off Travel Print isn’t your typical National Park map.  It is an illustrated poster.  Every time you visit a park, you get to scratch off the gold foil and reveal a unique illustration of that park’s most iconic spot.  This scratch offprint is 16×20.  This print has all 61 national parks.

Price Range: $$

Travel Corner’s 17×24 USA Map poster with all 59 national parks

Travel Corner offers a 17×24 scratch-off map with a hanger.  This small map is full of details.  59 parks are shown on the gold foil as well as highlighted by the bright colors underneath.  The map features the interstates, highways, and rivers.  This map is perfect to scratch off your road trips through the national parks.

** An update is in the works to include the 60th and 61st national park.  They don’t currently have a date for it will be released.

Price Range: $$$

Unmapped’s National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Unmapped’s National Parks Scratch Off Poster is a 16.5″ x 12″ poster.  It has the 61 National Parks in colorful squares.  As you mark off your national park adventures, you scratch off the foil and reveal an art-deco piece of art. Unmapped is currently working on an update to include the two newest national parks.  This is expected to be released sometime this summer.

Price Range: $$

Massive Wanderlust’s Scratch-off your National Parks Adventures!

Massive Wanderlust has a National Park Adventure Map.  The map has all 61 US National Parks.  Each park is marked with a gold tree.  Once you have visited the park, use the guitar pick to scratch off the gold foil to reveal a bright green tree.  Each map is printed on museum quality paper. The map is available in a range of sizes including 18″ x 24″ and 17″ x 23″, and 23.5″ by 17″.

Price Range: $$

Scratch Off National Park Poster

The Modern Natives‘ Scratch Off National Park Poster is 16″ by 20″.  The poster is printed on high-quality art paper.  Each park is covered by silver foil.  As you visit each national park, you scratch off the foil and reveal a photo of the park and a unique park motto.  This poster has all 60 national parks.

Price Range: $$

National Park Maps Posters

61 National Parks Map Travel Poster by Anderson Design Group

Anderson Design Group’s National Parks Map with Travel Posters takes Anderson’s classical National Park Posters and uses them as the border for a map of the United States National Parks. The border and map feature all 61 National Parks. The map comes in a range of standard poster sizes from 8X10 to 36X48. The map is printed on 80# paper.

Price Range: $

National Park Map

National Park Art has created an antique-looking push pin map with all of the National Park Service Units.  The maps come in a range of sizes and feature 417 units.  It is available in a canvas and pushpin version as well.

Price Range: $$

Lone Bison’s Illustrated National Park Map Poster

Lone Bison Good‘s has made this illustrated map of the US National Parks.  All 61 national parks are illustrated on the map.   The illustrations are in mid-century style and feature iconic images of our parks. The map comes in a range of sizes.  This cute map comes three different versions – poster, pushpin map, and canvas.

Price Range: $$

The National Parks Register

Wanderwide’s National Parks Register isn’t a national park map but it a great national park poster to help you track your national park journey.  It has all 61 National Parks. Each park has a cute line drawing of an iconic feature of the park.  The map comes with a stamp to mark off which parks you have been to.  This park can come with a frame.  It is 15.5″ by 40″

**I purchased the 59 National Park version with the minimalist frame for myself in 2015. Wanderwide has gifted me with an updated version in 2019.

Price Range: $$$

National Parks Sticker Map Travel Poster

The Anderson Design Group offers a 30″ by 21″ map of the national parks with a border for their national park emblem stickers. The map comes with all 61 national park emblem stickers along with 11 wildlife stickers. The map is printed on a double-laminated 80 lb paper with a matte finish.

Price Range: $$

National Parks Multi-Color Giclee print with Tree stickers

Ello There’s National Parks Multi-Color Giclee print with Tree stickers is an 11×17 map.  This map does not include Gateway Arch.  The standard map comes with stickers to mark off your travels.  The print is printed on cream 110lb archival stock paper.  This print has the option of coming framed. It comes with all 61 National Parks marked.

Price Range: $$

National Park Wood Wall Map

Amber Lodge Handcraftd National Parks of the US Wood Map

Amber Lodge Handcraftd has a handcrafted map of the 61 National Parks with the name and the location marked on a wood map.  The map is offered in the following sizes 14.5″ by 15″, 17″ by 18″, and 22″ by 23″.  The map is made of two-toned layered wood.

Price Range: $$$

Cedar + Hide United States National Park Map

Cedar + Hide makes cedar National Park wall map.  The map is 25″ by 18″.  This map currently has 59 National Parks on it.  It can be updated to include Gateway Arch National Park. The map is laser engraved with a walnut frame.  It is a simple but elegant map.

Price Range: $$$$

Which National Park Wall Map is hanging on your wall?
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