Mesa Verde Camping: The Complete Guide to Camping at Mesa Verde National Park (2023 Update)

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Imagine building your house on a top of a cliff?  Now imagine building your house on a ledge on the side of that cliff?  Seems crazy. The Ancestral Puebloans did just that.  They built their home and villages on the sides of cliffs.  For about 700 years, these men and women built a range of cliff dwellings, pithouses, pueblos, masonry towers, and farming structures before abandoning the region.  Today, Mesa Verde National Park protects their archeological history.  Over 4,700 sites have been discovered in the park.  Mesa Verde National Park is a unique national park protecting both a gorgeous mesa and archeological record of the early human inhabitants.

Camping in Mesa Verde National Park is a perfect way to get a jump on your day and explore the park.

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