19+ Amazing Junior Ranger Gifts for the National Park Obsessed Kid

Is your child obsessed with getting their Junior Ranger badge in every National Park they visit? Looking for a few Junior Ranger gift ideas. We have a list of 19 items that would make a great National Park gifts for kids.

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Looking for the perfect gift for your little National Park adventurer. Here are 19 Junior Ranger gifts ideas to help them on their National Park Adventures.  best gifts for national park lovers national parks gift ideas i love national parks national park merchandise national park gifts gifts for kids kids gift children gift

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Quick Guide to Junior Ranger Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for Junior Rangers

62 National Park Checklist Poster

Inspire your Junior Ranger to explore each of the National Parks with this checklist poster. This poster is unique because it features all sixty-two National Parks including the most recent park, White Sands National Park. White Sands was only recently designated as a National Park in December of 2019. Each park is depicted on the poster by a hand-drawn iconic scene from the park. Below the scene is a spot to mark each park as visited. With this poster, your Junior Ranger will experience the satisfaction of checking off a National Park after visiting it. This poster comes in three different sizes perfect for any Junior Ranger’s room. The sizes are 8×10, 16×20, and 18×24. These posters are custom printed on high-quality matte paper. Every sale of this poster includes a donation to help support the National Parks. Encourage your junior ranger to visit all 62 National Parks with this poster!

Each poster includes a donation to support our national parks.

Jemaine the Travelling Goat Gift Set Books

Join Jemaine, the Traveling Goat, and his adventures to the U.S. National Parks. Jemaine had been waiting what seemed like a lifetime for his big chance. Then one day, the Jones family walked into the gift shop at Glacier National Park and adopted Jemaine as a fur-fledged member of their family. Things would never be the same for any of them.

This gift set includes  “Jemaine: the Traveling Goat” hardcover book, Jemaine plush toy, Glacier National Park map, “Jemaine Makes a Friend” hardcover book and Rocky Mountain National Park map all packaged in a custom gift box.

Each gift set includes a donation to support our national parks.

Junior Ranger Youth Outfit

Further your child’s adventurous spirit with this Junior Ranger outfit! This uniform will flourish an interest in our National Parks and the outdoors. Unlike any other similar outfit on the market, this one is almost identical to a Park Ranger’s uniform. It is made of the highest quality material and includes a pair of working binoculars and sunglasses. Your Junior Ranger will look identical to a Park Ranger! These uniforms are available in sizes Youth 2, Youth 4, and Youth 6. With this outfit, your child will be ready to take the Junior Ranger oath to appreciate, respect, and protect all of our National Parks. Every future outdoor enthusiast needs this Junior Ranger outfit!

Junior Ranger Vest

This is the only vest your Junior Ranger will want to wear for all of their adventures! With twelve pockets and two secret interior pockets, your Junior Ranger will be ready for anything. This is a practical vest made of mesh material. It will keep your Junior Ranger cool even during the sweltering months of summer. Embroidered with Junior Ranger and America’s National Parks on the pockets, everyone will know they have taken the oath to appreciate, respect and protect. This vest runs in various sizes. The sizes include Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, and Youth X-Large. This versatile vest even runs in Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large for years of adventures. If your Junior Ranger enjoys exploring, this is a useful vest they will require!

Junior Ranger Wild Wild Vest

The Junior Ranger Wild Wild Vest was made for adventures! This durable vest has nine pockets built to carry all of the treasures a Junior Ranger finds throughout their journeys. Junior Ranger is embroidered on the right pocket, so they can wear this vest proudly as a reminder of their oath. It includes a compass and a friendly frog that can snap onto the outside pocket. This vest is available for Youth 4-6, Youth 6-8, Youth 8-14, and Youth 14-16. Additionally, this vest is machine washable so your Junior Ranger can enjoy their adventures to the fullest extent. Wearing this vest will encourage your Junior Ranger to explore while respecting the outdoors.

Junior Ranger Badge Display Banner

Your Junior Ranger has taken the oath to appreciate, respect, and protect all of the National Parks. To take the oath, they successfully completed all of the activities and requirements. This display banner will allow them to showcase all of their hard work. It will also serve as a constant reminder to continue honoring this oath. This impressive banner is 12 inches by 15 inches. It will encourage them to earn even more achievements to fill up the banner with badges. With this display banner, your Junior Ranger will be on a mission to acquire more Junior Ranger badges! 

Junior Ranger Mini Blocks

If your Junior Ranger loves building with Legos, then the Junior Ranger Mini Blocks is for them! Block kits are wonderful at refreshing a child’s cognitive thinking as well as creativity. This block kit will interest any Junior Ranger with it’s engaging scene. With this kit, your Junior Ranger will build their own scene of the outdoors. When completed, it will depict a Junior Ranger encountering a black bear. It is easy to build making it the perfect gift for any Junior Ranger age seven and up! Stimulate your child’s critical thinking and creativity with the Junior Ranger Mini Blocks!

Animal Tracks Matching Game

Make learning fun for your Junior Ranger with this Animal Tracks Matching Game! This game contains forty-eight cards with different animal tracks from all over North America. Identifying animal tracks is essential for a Junior Ranger of any age. Next time you are out on the trail, your Junior Ranger will love applying this information! Your Junior Ranger can use this information whether they are hiking, camping, or even just in the backyard! Don’t let them leave their fascination with nature at the door. Encourage them to continue their interest inside with this amusing and unique game.

Junior Ranger Passport and Buddy Bison

Bolster your child’s interest in the outdoors with a Junior Ranger Passport and Buddy Bison kit! This passport will encourage your Junior Ranger to visit all of the National Parks! At every park, your Junior Ranger will be rewarded with a park cancellation stamp. This passport will cause your Junior Ranger to want  to collect all the stamps in order to fill up the book. The Buddy Bison will also provide a companion for your Junior Ranger to carry on their adventures. The lovable Buddy Bison is the official mascot of the National Park Trust. He makes the perfect sidekick to adventure with. He can tag along on any journey with his clip. He can be attached to a backpack or even a Junior Ranger Vest. Each sale of the Buddy Bison will help fund an initiative for the National Park Trust.

Passport to Your National Parks Junior Ranger Edition

The Passport To Your National Parks Junior Ranger Edition is essential for any Junior Ranger. This book is made to save memories. Throughout the book, there are places to collect park cancellation stamps and special Junior Ranger cancellation stamps. It even has places to mark whenever they complete another Junior Ranger program! On every page, there is educational information to engage and inform your Junior Ranger. Filled with beautiful illustrations, this one-hundred-page passport also comes with a fun sticker set too. This passport is truly a necessity to record every Junior Ranger adventure!

Junior Ranger Activity Book

Introduce new National Parks to your Junior Ranger in a fun and exciting way with this Junior Ranger Activity Book! Your Junior Ranger will be having so much fun with the puzzles, games, and jokes that they will not even realize how much material they are absorbing. This book is packed with information about all of the National Parks. Each page is filled with fun facts about the park’s habitats, sights, and animals. Use this book to generate pre-trip excitement, entertainment on a long car ride, or as an educational aid while actually in the park. This book is perfect for any environment! You may even learn a lot alongside your Junior Ranger with this entertaining book!

Scout Moore, Junior Ranger on the Colorado Plateau

Read this exciting tale of Scout Moore, Junior Ranger extraordinaire, in the book Scout Moore, Junior Ranger on the Colorado Plateau. Follow her on a journey through the beautiful Colorado Plateau with its peaks, parks, and arches. Junior Rangers everywhere will identify with Scout Moore. She loves camping, road-tripping, and her family. This book makes the perfect gift! With this book, a Junior Ranger can continue exploring and learning on days when they are not at a National Park. This book will inspire them on rainy days, in the car, or at bedtime. The adventures can continue anywhere! With this book and their imagination, they can travel to the Colorado Plateau with Scout Moore. Follow her on more adventures through the National Parks with Scout Moore, Junior Ranger: Yellowstone.

MasterPieces National Parks Opoly Jr. Board Game

While Monopoly is an enjoyable and iconic board game, it can often be too complicated for young kids. This adaption is perfect for a Junior Ranger! MasterPieces National Parks Opoly Jr. Board Game was designed for children ages six and up. This game is even great fun for the whole family. In the game, your Junior Ranger will travel all over the United States visiting new and exciting National Parks. Through the game, your Junior Ranger will learn facts about each park from the back of their cards. While playing, the participants will even encounter some wildlife like bears, wolves, and more. Every day can’t be spent exploring the National Parks. With this board game, your Junior Ranger can experience all of the National Parks from the comfort of your home.

National Parks: A Kid’s Guide to America’s Parks, Monuments, and Landmarks

Broaden your Junior Ranger’s world with this educational and entertaining book: National Parks: A Kid’s Guide to America’s Parks, Monuments, and Landmarks. It will present the National Parks to your Junior Ranger through detailed illustrations, and memorable facts. Through this book, your Junior Ranger will learn about the history, geography, and wildlife in each National Park. This book is unique because it is the only book on the market that covers all of the National Parks on a kid-friendly and family-friendly level. This book will not only inspire your Junior Ranger to visit all of the National Parks, but it will encourage them to protect the parks as well. Education is the greatest motivator. With this book, your Junior Ranger will discover, learn about, and explore each of the National Parks.

National Parks of the USA

National Parks of the USA will fully introduce your Junior Ranger to the 21 most popular National Parks throughout the United States. No matter where you live, this book will describe National Parks in your region. The book is divided into the regions East, Central, Rocky Mountains, West, Tropics, and Alaska. The parks depicted in this book are Acadia, Badlands, Big Bend, Biscayne, Bryce Canyon, Channel Islands, Death Valley, Denali, Everglades, Glacier, Glacier Bay, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Hawaii volcanoes, Isle Royale, Mesa Verde, Olympic, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Virgin Islands, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. With this descriptive book, your Junior Ranger will feel like they have personally traveled to each of these locations. This book provides photographs, illustrations, information about the wildlife, and a summary of each park. This book is an investment to be used long after their Junior Ranger phase as it was designed for students K-12.

National Parks of the USA: Activity Book

Keep your Junior Ranger entertained all day long with this National Parks of the USA Activity Book. It is filled with fun activities like crosswords, word searches, and spot the differences. Your Junior Ranger can even design their very own National Park with this book. While enjoying the activities, your Junior Ranger will also be learning interesting facts about the most popular National Parks. It is filled with information about the wildlife, scenery, and plants of these parks. This book is compatible with the educational National Parks of the USA. When paired together, these two books will make the ideal gift for any Junior Ranger. This combination of books will be academic and amusing. No other set of books will entertain and educate a Junior Ranger quite like this.

Ranger Baldy and the Missing Waterfall

Ranger Baldy and the Missing Waterfall is a children’s book will have your Junior Ranger captivated and intrigued. When Yosemite National Park’s impressive waterfall goes missing, it is up to Ranger Baldy to solve this mystery. This story focuses on Ranger Baldy and his goal to protect the Earth’s treasures from anyone who may want to cause them harm. This touching story is one that both you and your Junior Ranger will enjoy. It has a beautiful theme and gorgeous illustrations. This book is a great conversation starter for kids about conservation and preservation. It sends a message about caring, respecting, and loving nature while gently hiding it in a story with real appeal for kids. If your Junior Ranger is fascinated with the outdoors, extend the adventure for them with this book! 

National Parks Coloring Book

Coloring books have been proven to generate mindfulness and reduce anxiety in both adults and children. For kids, a coloring book can improve their fine motor skills and train their brains to focus. This National Park Coloring Book will address all of that while also igniting a passion for the National Parks. This book features the most popular National Parks in the United States including the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Rocky Mountains and so much more. These fun pages even include interesting facts about each park. With over 35 pages of designs, this book will provide constant fun. Since coloring books have proven benefits for adults, you should take part in this activity with your Junior Ranger. Spend quality time with your Junior Ranger coloring America’s most popular National Parks.

Fatima’s Great Outdoors

Fatima’s Great Outdoors is upcoming children’s book by Ambreen Tariq of Brown People Camping. Fatima’s Great Oudoors follows Fatima Khazi and her immigrant family on their first camping trip. Follow them as they set-up their tent and meet the local wildlife and fall in love with the great outdoors.

This book will be released on March 30, 2021.

Final Thoughts on Junior Ranger Gifts

There are an amazing range of National Park themed Junior Ranger Gifts on the market. I’m sure that your will find the perfect gift of any Junior Ranger. Check out these other guides for other National Park gift ideas.

Pin for Later: 19 Amazing Junior Ranger Gifts for the National Park Obsessed Kid

Looking for the perfect gift for your little National Park adventurer. Here are 19 Junior Ranger gifts ideas to help them on their National Park Adventures.  best gifts for national park lovers national parks gift ideas i love national parks national park merchandise national park gifts gifts for kids kids gift children gift
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